The bridge between "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight"

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Director Jerry Vasilatos and Chris Nendick as Batman
Allyssa O'Donnell as Heather
George Hroziencik as the Gotham Times News Vendor
Nate Polzin, Louis Cotromanes and Dagoberto Zolio Soto as Gotham's Finest
Beatrice Schneider as Detective Sarah Essen
Director Jerry Vasilatos and the Joker's Killer Clowns
Gotham City Police Cruiser
Nate Polzin, Louis Cotromanes, Dagoberto Zolio Soto and Billy Smith protect Gotham
Beatrice Schneider in hair styling
Shooting the Midtown evacuation scene on Dearborn and Randolph
Cast members Beatrice Schneider, David Sanchez, Allyssa O'Donnell, Dagoberto Zolio Soto and Louis Cotromanes with director Jerry Vasilatos
Newspaper props - "City at War!"
Masks for the Joker's gang
Chris Nendick is made up as Batman
Cast members David Sanchez, Jason Buhalis, Jeff Alberston, Scott Lorenz, Keith Gubbins and Allyssa O'Donnell
Rehearsing in the Alley off Van Buren
Allyssa O'Donnell, David Sanchez and Chris Nendick rehearse
Director Jerry Vasilatos and Brian Jarreau as the Joker
Director Jerry Vasilatos and Chris Nendick as Batman
Director Jerry Vasilatos and cinematographer Trevi Albin

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